Team building workshops

We work to support coaches and teams to help them develop cohesiveness and bring out the best in their athletes. We understand that our work with athletes and performers is part of a bigger system that works best when integrated with the coach who is most responsible for helping them achieve success.

Teams do not succeed on talent alone.  Team building is an ongoing process that helps a group of athletes evolve into a cohesive unit.  The team members are working towards the same goal and also trusting and supporting one another while respecting differences.  Team building is an effective way to increase team cohesion (or ‘togetherness’).  Some studies have shown that team cohesion contributes to as much as 80-95% of a team’s success.

Team building can include games and activities, but also drills to sharpen focus, set goals, work on communication, build motivation and confidence, etc..


Please contact us if you’d like more information about the services we can provide to your team.