Goal Setting

We teach athletes to set goals to reach their potential. Realizing your potential requires a smart and organized plan.  How you set your goals and the confidence you have to achieve them will greatly influence your personal and professional success.  For example, thoughtful goal-setting influences the difficulty of goals, how hard you work, and persistence when there are challenges/setbacks. Setting goals that are only about results will rarely get you there.

A smart and organized plan is required to realize your potential. We help our clients set short-term goals that will help them achieve larger objectives. We offer an online goal-setting log (virtual sports psychologist) for all our clients to use to set out their roadmap to success. Through in-session planning and out-of-session homework, we develop a tailored plan to help individuals achieve their goals.

To read more about the role of goal setting, check out our blog posts about setting SMART goals and the importance of setting process-focused goals.

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