Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness training has helped athletes:

  • Achieve a stronger focus
  • Quiet their mindset
  • Maintain a less judgmental mindset

Core components of mindfulness training include:

  • Increasing one’s awareness of the present moment
  • Observing our thoughts and feelings
  • Re-focusing on the desired task.

From a mindfulness perspective, we are generally unaware of our immediate surroundings. Instead, we spend most of our time and energy thinking about the past or planning and worrying about the future. Accepting all feelings and thoughts (no matter how painful and unpleasant) without resistance enables us to recognize our thoughts as perspectives and not reality. It is when we free ourselves from self-judgment and start living in the moment that we are able to thrive.

We teach these concepts in our office and often provide training audio files so our clients can practice these skills at home.


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