Athletic Performance

Dr. Udewitz engages in a collaborative effort with clients to set goals that will help them live happier, more successful lives. Goals may include reducing unwanted and unhelpful thoughts and behaviors and augmenting those behaviors that will help clients perform to their fullest potential.  Individually designed treatment approaches help clients improve relationships and achieve success in areas most important to them.

Sport and Performance Skills Include:

  • Decision Making: The stress of competition can strain our ability to make clear and effective decisions that are crucial to peak performance
  • Focus Training: We teach you the process of focusing to help you improve your performance, involvement and enjoyment in your sport.
  • Goal Setting: Realizing your potential requires a smart and organized plan.
  • Mindfulness Training: We integrate mindfulness training in our work with athlete to help them achieve stronger focus and a quieter, less judgmental mindset.
  • Motivation: Athletes sometimes find themselves struggling through a period of time when they lack their usual fire.
  • Reaction Time Training: We teach athletes to maximize performance in sports requiring fast reaction times.
  • Relaxation Training: Peak performers possess a set of self-regulation tools to help them develop the optimal level of tension.
  • Return from Injury: Injuries can take a great emotional toll on serious athletes.
  • Visual Imagery Training: When we “see” ourselves performing successfully we lay a foundation for future success.