Most physiological processes related to stress are unconscious; people are not aware of them. High-level performers frequently experience intense physical and mental challenges which put their physiological responses into high gear. The resulting wear and tear are called allostatic load. In time, the cumulative effects of repeated or chronic stress can cause damage to a person’s body.

Teaching self-regulation skills to high-level performers gives them the ability to reset their autonomic balance and restore a healthy point of equilibrium. It also enhances a person’s perceptions of control and increases confidence.

With biofeedback measures related to peak performance, we provide psychophysiological assessment and training tools for both amateur and professional athletes, performing artists, and business people.

We can provide all you need to evaluate and train critical physiological processes essential to peak performance, such as periodic assessments of a person’s status, generate easy-to-understand reports to help track progress, and use physiological and neurological self-regulation training to improve psychological resilience.

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