Focus Training


Maintaining focus for success involves a complex process of integrating sport specific relevant cues and quieting distractions. We teach athletes how to find flexibility in their focus so they can sharpen it at will on their field of play. Some important areas of focus include

  • Technique
  • Strategy
  • Your opponent
  • The score
  • Your Teammates

Learning how to be aware of shifts in your attention and creating cues to help bring yourself back into the game is critical to success. There are many distractions that can get in the way of maintaining focus, both internally and externally.  

Internal Distractors External Distractors
  • Our own competitiveness
  • Large crowds
  • Concern about the outcome of the game
  • The weather
  • Anxiety about our performance
  • Conditions on the field







Becoming aware of and managing these distractions is an important part of effective focus training. Sport and Performance Psychology of New York can teach you the process of focusing to help you improve your performance, involvement, and enjoyment in your endeavors.

Contact Sports and Performance Psychology of New York to learn how to improve focus and compete at your peak potential.

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